your quality, and your yields


iDraught – Pushing margins up and wastage down.

iDraught has been developed to support licensed retailers achieve the very best returns from its draught products.

We recognise the importance of quality in delivering great products for your customers, driving increased spend and repeat business. iDraught ensures that draught products are served in the very best condition by; ensuring product is delivered at the correct temperature, line cleaning is carried out to best practice standards and dispense equipment is performing effectively.

Yield management is key to delivering the best margin for your draught products. By measuring the exact volume of product dispensed for every drink you can ensure issues are quickly identified and addressed. From staff training to cellar management problems these can be quickly resolved before yields suffer. Integrating your EPOS data with the iDraught application ensures that all drinks served across the bar actually make it into the till. The nature of missing revenues can be quickly identified from poor staff practice to accidental cross ringing of products resulting in lost retail revenues.

Detailed trading information can be used to guide required staffing levels, track the impact of initiatives to grow your business, assess product level performance highlighting low throughput products to identifying the most profitable range of products to stock.

iDraught uses a simple and intuitive web application ensuring licensed retailers can track their performance on site or remotely. Identifying issues quickly allows resolution before your customer receives a poor experience and profits are impacted. The additional monitoring of post-mix syrups, spirits and fridge temperatures provide our clients with the most complete picture of their bar operation.

Our business development team has many years experience in all areas of the trade and have worked successfully with our clients delivering significant profit improvement. Visit our website and find out how we can benefit your business.