how we do it


At the heart of our product range is the pioneering Guardian WDC™ wireless module installed in each machine which collects and transmits data by the minute. Quite simply, if it takes a coin, we can work with it.

Teamed with leading management software, it is ideal for any AGC or FEC operation, whether for a single arcade or larger, corporate estate.
Alternatively, GPRS technology is used to relay collected data to a secure central data centre. This is most suitable for single-site installations or
where there is low machine density across a high number of sites.

Once gathered, the information is presented in easy-to-follow text or graphic-based reports compatible with leading database systems. Reporting content is flexible to suit each customer, fully secure and totally reliable.

We can record cash or tokens played, payouts, collections and refills. We can monitor promotions and engineer test-plays: all on-site or remotely as required.

Report samples